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Our Story

Back to the Roots,
Sai Mai, Bangkok

Cashew Nut Stir Fry, Sizzling hot plate, Massaman Curry, Sweet and Sour Fish, Grilled Tiger Prawns.

Just the names are enough to get the taste buds tingling, but to taste them is divine!

These dishes are amongst the 49 selections on the menu at Thai Crom, encompassing entrees, soups, curries, noodles and rice. Then there are the chef’s specials on top of these and scrumptious desserts.

Hot, Sour, Sweet and
Oh, So Fresh

Good food, consistency in its preparation and taste, and using Thai chefs are all behind the success story of Thai Crom. Only a Thai chef can cook Thai meals the way they should be. 

“We believe it is important that the food is always top notch. And we welcome feedback on our meals. If you like it, tell us, tell your friends and come back. If you don’t – also tell us so we can make improvements.”

Jinda say the secret of the taste and success of their food is in the sauces they use which are Jinda’s responsibility.

“These will remain a secret no matter how many requests we have for them and we do get asked a lot!”

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